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‘Level of service and expertise nothing but superb’ – Their words, not mine! – Sean Kavanagh

Tue, 28th January, 2014 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

My husband and I worked with Sean on our first home-buying experience. He was recommended to us by my mom so we knew his level of service and expertise would be nothing but superb. He definitely followed through – Sean took the time to educate us on all the important facts to consider when purchasing a home (especially our first) which made us feel like our business truly mattered to him. It was important to us that our agent took the same time he gave other clients with bigger budgets. He was always very prompt at returning calls and emails and went out of his way to rearrange other appointments and meetings if there was a property we were eager to see. That kind of courtesy speaks volumes these days. We found Sean to be patient, honest and genuine with each home we saw and he reassured us that we would find the right house with all of our must-have criteria. He was right! As impatient as I can be, in hindsight, it was a pretty quick and painless process (despite all the paperwork!) and we would definitely use Sean in the future! We are very thankful for his compassion, humble nature and concern for our happiness – we would highly recommend him.

Justine and Phil McKnight

If you are thinking of buying or selling your home this year and want the same level of service Justine and Phil received, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I would be happy to meet with you to show you how I work.

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Best darn real estate agent ever! – Their words, not mine!

Fri, 27th September, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

When John and I decided to sell our house, we had no idea how to find a real estate agent. A friend of mine told me about Sean Kavanagh and said she would let him know we were looking for an agent. He called us the next day and set up a meeting. We knew that day he was the perfect person to work with us; to sell our house in Toronto and find us a house in Burlington.

Sean is a knowledgeable and dedicated agent. He spent a lot of time getting to know us and took us through many houses just to get an idea of what we wanted. He gave us great advice about staging our house and had done a lot of research about the sale of houses in our area. When our house was listed, he followed up with potential buyers and always kept us updated. Sean responded to our phone calls and emails immediately and we always felt like we were in very capable and caring hands. As well as being informative, Sean was sensitive to the emotional part of selling our home and was very patient through the anxious periods.

Selling and buying a house is a lot more stressful than we ever imagined, but Sean took a stressful situation and made it enjoyable. We are grateful for all he did for us. If you are ever looking for a real estate agent, I highly recommend Sean. You won’t be disappointed.

Wendy and John Glinski

If you know of someone looking to buy or sell their home, give them my name and number so they can experience the same level of service John and Wendy received.

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Stunning Luxurious Home on Desirable Crescent – $999,900 – Presented By Sean Kavanagh

Tue, 23rd April, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

Luxury living in this stunning custom 5 bedroom/5 bathroom home with over 5000ft2 of total living space on desirable family friendly court. 10 foot ceilings on main floor, chef’s kitchen, new hardwood, and freshly painted. Spacious master suite with 5 piece ensuite and walk-in closet. Upper level includes 3 additional bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an office nook. Basement is an entertainer’s paradise with media area with built-in sound system wiring, custom bar with fridge, wine rack and shelving units and exercise room.

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Lots of Rain and Leaking Basements – A Bad Combination!

Fri, 12th April, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

As I was showing a house last night in the middle of a rain storm, my clients asked me about the hairline cracks in the foundation we saw. I said, if you aren’t seeing water in the basement on a day like today, you may not have to worry about those cracks…right now. I say ‘Right Now’ because you have to keep an eye on your basement situation and review the following items annually to prevent problems in the future.

The good folks at ACISS Home Inspections have gladly provided you with a list of items to review and are the main causes of basement leaks.

• Improper grading. Ensure that all grounds slope away from the foundation.
• Patios and walkways require slope away from the house.
• Grading should always be 4 to 6 ” below siding and brick
• Clean gutters/eves troughs twice a year and ensure proper drainage.
• Downspouts should extend 4 to 6 feet away from the house.
• Disconnect and extend all downpipes that enter into the ground. Below grade can be collapsed or clogged.
• Monitor all cracks or faults in the foundation walls.
• Window wells should be installed where window sills are not 4 – 6″ above the ground.
• Seal all through-wall penetrations or wall flashings.
• Large trees close to the house could cause damage below grade to the foundation.
• Raised flower beds should be sloped away from the house.
• Driveway should slope away from the house.
• Neighbor’s properties should not drain onto your property.
• Underground sprinkler system outlets should be positioned and directed away from the house.
• Clean all drains or catch basins annually.

If these issues are present in your property, please call me and I will be able to help direct you to the right people to help rectify the issues.

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FREE iPAD! – Spring Promotion

Tue, 5th March, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

Thinking about buying or selling this spring? Have you always wanted to own an iPad? I can help you with both!

If you list your current home or buy a new home with me before June 1, 2013, a new iPad will be yours!

Terms and conditions apply. Call or write today for more details!

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‘Simply the best service!’, their words not mine!

Tue, 5th February, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

Working with Sean has been an absolute pleasure. We wanted to be in a specific area based on our kids school boundaries and Sean took care of us by always presenting properties that were a great fit for all we asked for. He listened to all our requests and worked very hard until we found the perfect house. Not only did he get the price we wanted for our house, but also he was able to connect us with other professionals to help us without worries.

A few weeks after, we moved into our new home without any fuss…and we still had Sean by our side to make sure we were pleased with everything in the house, including a great welcome gift and a wine tasting holiday gathering invitation.

Simply the best service! It was not our first move and we were so happy to work with Sean because he truly listens and he is devoted to offer the best service out there!

Chantal and Iain Black
Jan. 2013
Burlington, On

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Spring Market Holds the Real Estate Crystal Ball

Thu, 17th January, 2013 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

Jim Flaherty may have just got what he wanted….to cool off the housing market. Most economists and real estate professionals believe the landing will be soft, but stats show that all of the moves made by the federal government have been successful in slowing the white hot housing market. Despite the fact home sales were down 17.4 per cent in December over the same month last year, the average sale price rose 1.6 per cent across Canada.

This creates a very interesting dynamic in the Canadian housing market. Sales in the market place are down, but prices continue to rise. It defies the logic of most economic thinking. The reason for this is two-fold: The market is sustaining itself due to the motivated buyers that continue to purchase and take advantage of the low interest rate options available to home buyers today.

Also, sellers don’t seem desperate enough to dramatically reduce their prices. Sellers are telling the market that they know what their house is worth and will gladly hold out until they get it….and if they don’t get it, they won’t sell it!

I have titled this article ‘Spring Market Holds the Real Estate Crystal Ball’ because the hottest market of the year will determine which way things will swing. Will a flood of buyers jump into the market and continue to pay what sellers are asking OR will buyers hold off and wait for prices to fall?

Buyers are also faced with the dilemma of purchasing now with interest rates being low versus waiting for the potential drop in market value when the rates begin to rise. Some first time buyers and buyers looking to move up the property ladder have been pushed out of the market due to the mortgage changes. Moving mortgage amortization from 30 years to 25 years has made monthly payments unaffordable for some causing buyers to hold off.

It should be noted and understood that the reported statistics showing significant drops in sales are coming from the country’s two hottest markets (Toronto and Vancouver). These markets needed to cool as the drastic price escalation was unsustainable. Toronto at 7 times the national average and Vancouver at 10 times the national average could not continue the way it was heading and the correction we are experiencing is mostly felt in those two markets. Regina, for example, actually posted an increase in sales of 15.9% from December 2011. For this reason, I recommend that you look locally for market information and not to be swayed by national averages.

There are a lot of questions and the spring market will help provide us with some of the answers.


• The market will continue to be healthy and you will see a rise in home sales in the spring.
• A correction or ‘Softening’ of the market should not be viewed as a negative. A stable market is a sustainable and predictable market. People should want this when it comes to the largest financial investment in their portfolio.
• Buyers will continue to purchase homes and take advantage of the record low interest rates.
• The drop in reported sales is due to buyers unwilling to make the move upward on the property ladder and assume more debt that they were willing to assume before the mortgage rule changes and threat of interest rate increases.
• The drop in sales is also a result of first time buyers not being able to afford houses RIGHT NOW due to the mortgage changes, but they will be buying once they are able to qualify.
• Toronto and Vancouver will be OK…..just ask them!
• We have the strongest banking system in the world and a government that is looking out for the people.
• The Canadian real estate market will continue to be a good investment, don’t be scared off by inflammatory articles aimed more at selling newspapers and magazines than providing sound advice to their readers, and if you have questions, seek out professional advice so you are able to make the most informed decision possible.

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2 Deals in 3 hours! – Who said it was a slow market?

Fri, 29th June, 2012 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

What a day! Started off with a list of agents to call informing them that they will be in a multiple offer presentation at 4428 Vallence Drive in Burlington. I arrived at the client’s home for the 6:00pm presentation and fortunately one of the three offers was head and shoulders above the rest and fortunately for my client, the accepted offer price was head and shoulders above our list price!

After the papers were sign, I left the happy home sellers and was heading home for my customary glass of Bushmills! A tradition I have come to enjoy, but one that has left Allison hoping I don’t sell too many houses in a short period of time! As I was getting into the car, I received a call from an agent who just finished showing my property at 5806 Page Crescent in the Burlington Orchard and he wanted to come over to the house and present an offer!
After a few rounds of the negotiation game, we had reached an accord! Not quite over asking, but 99% of asking was more than satisfying for my clients.

Now I have a real good reason for celebrating on International Beer Day!


If you are thinking about selling your home, you should know that there are plenty of buyers out there on the market right now. If you were waiting for the right time, this is it! Give me a call at 905-220-9198 or email me at sean.kavanagh@century21.ca to take advantage of my FREE NO OBLIGATION market report where we can look at the current value of your home and see how it would be priced on today’s market.

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Prices High & Inventory Low: Get the most $$$ for your home right now!

Tue, 7th February, 2012 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

The Hamilton‐Burlington real estate board has just reported 819 property sales through the MLS for the month of January. This represents almost an 11 per cent increase in sales over the same month last year. They have also reported that 7.7 per cent fewer listings were taken in January 2012 compared to January of last year. The average sale price of a property has also risen 4.2% over last year’s average, yet the inventory of available properties has dropped by almost 12%

“The story for the month of January,” said RAHB President Cameron Nolan, “is that while sales have edged up compared to last year, we are seeing significantly fewer listings than normal. Our listing inventory is the lowest it has been in some time.”

What does this mean for you?

I hate to sound cliché, but now is a great time to sell. We are seeing a flood of buyers hitting the market right now. The most obvious reason would be the record low mortgage rates lenders are able to offer, but I think the weather also has something to do with it. Historically, people didn’t buy in January/February because who wants to go running from home to home in 3 feet of snow with temps in the minuses. The grass is green and the temps are up causing an early start to the spring market.

Buyers are out and ready to purchase, but there isn’t anything to buy right now. Everything that is in relatively good condition and priced well is selling after only a few days on the market. This has resulted in an upward pressure on prices. If you are considering selling your home this year, you may want to do it sooner than later. Once the spring hits and everybody starts putting their homes up for sale, the market will become more balanced causing a downward pressure on pricing.

Get into the market while inventory is low and you will get more money for your home.

Considering Buying or Selling Your Home?
For more information on buying or selling real estate in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, or Toronto, or if you have questions about current market trends, staging properties or mortgage interest rate information, I’d be happy to answer all of your questions to accommodate all of your real estate needs.

Sean Kavanagh
Sales Representative

For more information on my Home Buying or Home Selling System, contact me at
Email: sean.kavanagh@century21.ca
Web: www.seansells.ca
Facebook page: SeanKavanaghC21

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Double Air Miles Giveaway!

Mon, 3rd October, 2011 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh - (0) Comment

The last time you sold or bought a house, what did you get from your Realtor to say ‘Thanks for your business’? A bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, a gift card? How would you like to earn enough Airmiles for a return flight to Montreal, Chicago or New York City!

Let me send you on a vacation with my 2011 Airmiles Giveaway Program.

BONUS Air Miles Giveaway!!!! From now until January 2012, earn DOUBLE the Air Miles on all full service listings

Selling Side = $300,000
Buying Side = $500,000
= 1500 Airmiles

1500 Airmiles can earn you a round trip ticket to Montreal, Chicago and New York City. If you aren’t planning on flying anywhere soon, use those points to buy yourself a new iPod Nano, Bose speaker system or Blue Ray disk player. For more details on the Airmiles rewards, visit www.airmiles.ca.

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