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Day 27 of 365 Things to do in Burlington – The French Fry Guy

Sat, 30th June, 2012 - Posted by Sean Kavanagh

I often drive down Fairview between Appleby and Walkers Line and want to stop in for some old school chips from ‘The French Fry Guy’. Yesterday I was driving by and had to pull in when I read that Fish and Chips was one of their new menu items.

When I ordered, the owner informed me that the catch of the day was Orange Roughy! When have you ever heard of a chip truck serving Orange Roughy?
So, we are off to a great start. As I was waiting for the fish to cook, I saw some of the other mouth watering offerings the truck had to offer. The poutine looked like an instant cardiac arrest, but delicious all the same. I heard people talking up the great hamburgers and the mountain of onion rings was something you just have to see to believe.

I dug into the huge piece of fish (on top of the mountain of fresh cut fries) which was beautifully cooked and the batter was full of flavour. You could tell he had put some time into developing something special with this batter.

I had usually gone to the Thistle when I was looking for a fried fish fix, but if I am looking to satisfy that fried fish need anytime between 11-3, I’m now heading to the French Fry Guy.

NEW ITEMS, STEAK ON A BUN, FISH AND CHIPS, ONION RINGS and of course the old classics – Poutine, ManBurger®, Hand cut fresh fries
The French Fry Guy has recently earned the BURLINGTON READERS CHOICE AWARDS best Fries in Burlington and for portion sizes.

He is open from 11:00am to 3:00pm and is located on the north side of Fairview between Walkers and Appleby in the commercial space where the UPS a

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